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Terms and Conditions

By submitting the application on the reverse you acknowledge your acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed below. Royal Exchange USA Inc. assumes no obligations except as mentioned herewith.

You also agree to get in touch with us regarding any issue regarding the transaction covered by this application within 180 days from the date of this application.

The maximum amount per transaction/number of transactions, which can be send through any of the offered services, is limited. Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall disclose such limits to the sender when transfer request is made. If required by law, Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall report to the regulatory authorities or government agencies all the information regarding any money transfer made through its services. This is in accordance with the Currency & Foreign Transaction Reporting Act of 1970, or any other related law or act introduced from time to time.

Royal Exchange USA Inc. will try to deliver the remittance amount in 5 business days to the beneficiary, from the date of receipt of cash, or date of receipt of payment in Royal Exchange USA Inc.'s account through any other legitimate method including but not limited to the final clearance of deposited personal check, from the sender. In case of cash service, payment is done the next business day at given agent locations in the payment countries. For reasons beyond its control, Royal Exchange USA Inc. may not be able to fulfill this commitment during certain times.

Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall make all the payments to the recipient in the local currency of the destination country at a competitive exchange rate for payments. The rates quoted and applied by Royal Exchange USA Inc. are final and cannot change under any circumstances. Royal Exchange USA Inc. will absorb any difference between the exchange rate applied to customer and the rate received by Royal Exchange USA Inc irrespective of the remittance fee and other fees charged to the customer.

In certain cases, the client's request for a cancellation of a booked transfer may be acted upon if the payment has not been transferred in the form of a draft or check,and Royal Exchange USA Inc. is able to halt the final payment to the recipient. In such cases, the client shall be refunded the USD equivalent of the local currency, and the conversion shall be done at the exchange rate prevailing on the day the cancelled amount is finally cleared by Royal Exchange USA Inc. This rate can be different from the rate applied earlier while booking the order and it can also entail a monetary loss to the user. The client shall not be refunded the fees charged earlier to do the transfer. In case of any exchange rate dispute, Royal Exchange USA Inc. reserves the right to use its discretion. The refund process depends upon many factors, and Royal Exchange USA Inc. cannot guarantee the final outcome. Royal Exchange USA Inc. however shall make its best effort to help users in genuine cases. Royal Exchange USA Inc., under no circumstances, can refund a money transfer amount, which has been finally delivered to a recipient.

For all cancellation requests, the client shall contact Royal Exchange USA Inc; Attn. : Customer Service Department, 1155 Green St, Iselin, NJ 08830.  Customer Service Phone: 1-888-677-6925 * 732-305-8200. The client's request can also be submitted through the Royal Exchange USA Inc. Authorized Affiliates. The client's telephonic request shall have to be followed by a written request enclosed with the sender copy of the receipt and confirmation. Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall try to complete the refund within thirty days of receiving the written request. Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall make the refund only in form of check drawn in favor of the original sender.

The designated beneficiary has to accept a money transfer in his/her name within one year of the date it was ordered by the sender. Otherwise, Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall make all the efforts to refund the same to the sender. In doing so, Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall follow the clauses as given under its cancellation policy including the exchange rate and fee policies. Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall also levy an extra administrative charge of $15 to do the refund, and it shall be deducted from the principal amount of transfer.

In case of error committed in executing a booked money transfer order, for reasons which fall within the purview of Royal Exchange USA Inc.'s service parameters, Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall first try to rectify the situation, failing which it shall refund the full principal amount in USD including the fee charged to the user at his/ her request. Royal Exchange USA Inc. assumes no other liabilities arising out of or linked with such failed money transfers. Royal Exchange USA Inc. also has no such commitment for refund for errors which are committed in the money transfer process due to the wrong information provided by the sender or for reasons including certain acts of nature, which are totally outside the control of Royal Exchange USA Inc. and its service partners. Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall not be responsible for any non-performance or loss resulting from war, revolution, civil unrest, insurrection or from any law, decree, moratorium or local regulations or of domestic or foreign government, de jure or de facto. Royal Exchange USA Inc.'s liability is limited to the amount collected and in no event Royal Exchange USA Inc. shall be liable for damages for delay, non-delivery, nonpayment or underpay-ment of this money transfer whether due to the mistake or omission of Royal Exchange USA Inc. or its service partners, for more than the total amount collected from the sender, except as otherwise provided by the law.

Royal Exchange USA Inc. uses an automated system to complete a transaction from point to point. It is required that the information given by the sender be routed through various Internet or Intranet based software programs including databases to reach its final point. Royal Exchange USA Inc. follows strict Privacy and Security Policy guidelines, for recording the given information in this regard. A copy of the policy guidelines is available with Royal Exchange USA Inc. Authorized Affiliates, or it can be downloaded from the website for perusal. The sender should get in touch with us directly if he or she has any concern about this.

Royal Exchange USA Inc. is licensed and regulated as a foreign money transmitter by the Banking Department of State of New Jersey.


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